Thuyền sup-kayak bơm hơi Spinera

Gọi đặt mua: 0917185525 (8:00 - 17:00)

ONE SINGLE PRODUCT 3-IN-1 FUN: Sup Board - Kayak – Bodyboard*
If you can't decide between SUP and kayak, you have 2 options: decide for a SUP and install a seat for kayak or choose the new SPINERA SUPKAYAK!
SPINERA converted SUP + KAYAK into a SUPKAYAK combining both sports with a new product and adding the function BODYBOARD to the single-seater model!
Two versions available: single-seater and two-seater.
The peculiarity of the single-seater SUPKAYAK item S02101* is that the floor can be removed using it as a bodyboard.
Both models are made with a high quality HDDS (High Density Drop Stitch).
Standard equipment:
• Storage backpack
• 2 fins
• Seat for kayak
• Repairing kit.
Pump and paddle/s ARE NOT INCLUDED.

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